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OKBET CONMEBOL Football – The President of CONMEBOL claims that the biannual FIFA World Cup has “no chance”

Gianni Infantino’s efforts to advocate for the staging of a World Cup every two years, according to CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez, are a “waste of time,” he told The Associated Press on Thursday.

There is “no possibility” that FIFA would move forward with its proposal to have a World Cup every two years, according to the head of the South American soccer confederation.

Gianni Infantino’s efforts to advocate for the staging of a World Cup every two years,

According to CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez

Its a “waste of time,” he told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The decision by CONMEBOL to discontinue playing every two years is definitive. There is no chance, it is a “no go,” Domnguez stated in an interview. We have been quite clear that this (scheme) was doomed from the start.

Infantino has claimed that holding the World Cup every two years rather than every four will increase the number of nations who may qualify, as well as generate more interest and money. However, according to Dominguez, teams from South America and Europe, which have won the competition every year since 1930, will not take part in that format.

Without teams from Europe and South America, Dominguez stated, “I have my doubts that one can generate these profits they talk about.

Aleksander Ceferin, head of UEFA, has also made it known that he disagrees with FIFA’s idea, and their shared opposition to it appears to have pulled the European and South American governing organizations closer together.

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Two weeks ago, Ceferin paid a visit to CONMEBOL’s offices to mark Dominguez’ sixth anniversary as president. However, Dominguez stressed that they are not at odds with Infantino personally.

He clarified, “This is not a move against Infantino. “To assume that we can have a World Cup every two years is plain absurd.”

“It would destroy Copa America, which is a major revenue generator for our organisations. That is not the same as a World Cup every two years, he continued.

In addition, Dominguez stated that Infantino’s prospects of retaining his position as FIFA president during the next elections are unaffected by the contentious plan for biannual World Cups.

The CONMEBOL president added, “Today I don’t see any challenger who is rising or reemerging, someone that presents anything different to Infantino’s leadership.”

Before the World Cup in Qatar, friendlies between South American and European teams will be part of the CONMEBOL and UEFA relationship, according to Dominguez.

Brazil and Argentina, who have already qualified for the competition in Qatar, have long griped about the difficulties of finding times to play their opponents from Europe.

“It is crucial to discuss the idea of a Nations League between South America and Europe. The South Americans are another opponent the Europeans are aware of. The CONMEBOL president said, “Home and away.”

Argentina, the Copa America champion, and Italy, the European champion, will square off in June. There is also a suggestion that Brazil and England, the continental runners-up, play each other before to Qatar.

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